Some FAQs

Frequently Ask Questions.

If you have an FTP client like FileZilla, transferring files is a simple three-step process. Open FileZilla from your desktop or Start menu.
Type in the following at the top and click Quickconnect.

Username: username
Password: password

(Drag and drop the relevant files into the upload folder.)

To change your cPanel password, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. In the PREFERENCES section of the cPanel home screen, click Password & Security:
  3. In the Old Password text box, type your current password.
  4. In the New Password text box, type the new password that you want.

To download the backup from cPanel:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the Files section, click on the Backups icon.
  3. Under Full Backup, click Generate/ Download a Full Website Backup.
  4. Under Backups Available for Download, click the link for the backup file you wish to download.